Wax-Up Tooth Models

When Dr. Mike Musso and Dr. Mark Musso provide a cosmetic or restorative treatment, they may use a wax-up tooth model to plan your treatment and help you understand your treatment options. We invite you to contact Musso Family Dentistry today at 972-840-8477 to schedule your consultation with our talented dentists and learn more about wax-up tooth models in Garland, Texas.

While there is now technology available to make a digital model of your teeth, our office has continued to offer wax-up tooth models due to the many advantages they offer. Wax-up tooth models are a physical representation of your mouth, and accurately reflect the size, shape and condition of your mouth before, during and after your treatment. Because they are physical objects, our dentists can use actual dental items on the model to show you the results of your treatment, allowing you to make informed decisions about your dental care. Our dentists can also use these models to help create tooth replacements and can even test these replacements (such as veneers or other prosthetics) to ensure that they were created to fit and function properly before installing them in your mouth.

Wax-up tooth models also help our dentists determine the best treatment options for your smile, giving you a personalized experience from start to finish. All of this can help you feel comfortable and confident with the care you receive at our practice.

To learn more about how our dental professionals use wax-up tooth models, and to make your appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today.