Oral & Systemic Health

Your oral health is connected to your overall health by the biological systems that run from your mouth to the rest of your body, which means that each area of health can have an effect on the others. Dr. Mike Musso and Dr. Mark Musso, with the assistance of our team, are committed to helping our patients understand the oral-systemic relationship so that they can make better decisions regarding their oral and overall health. We are committed to helping you enjoy excellent health for a lifetime. For more information about oral and systemic health in Garland, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Rockwall, Dallas, Lakewood, Rowlett, Richardson, Sachse, Wylie, Plano, Mesquite and Highland Park, Texas, and to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentists at Musso Family Dentistry, please call us today at 972-840-8477.

Organizations such as the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health have been studying the emerging science that suggests infections in the mouth impact all body systems. Scientists and dentists alike have discovered correlations between gum disease and stroke, diabetes, certain cancers and other health risks. Dental professionals who practice oral and systemic health-friendly techniques can reduce health risk factors and provide wholesome dentistry for their patients.

When our dentists and team at Musso Family Dentistry treat your mouth, we involve your overall health in the treatment planning to diagnose the cause of any dental issues and ensure that our services are beneficial to your long-term health. The mouth-body connection is especially important when addressing sleep apnea, dental infections, oral cancer and TMJ disorders, as these conditions can affect other areas of your body.

We encourage you to learn more about oral and systemic health so that you can make informed decisions about your dental care and overall well-being. Please contact our office today at 972-840-8477 if you have any questions for our dental team.