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A Mother’s Story


I am a mother to an eleven year old boy, who for years struggled with health problems that were overlooked by doctors, teachers, and sad to say, myself, because you don’t know what you don’t know. And as much as I wanted to help my son, I could not pinpoint the problem. He was experiencing situations out of the norm but was never diagnosed with a medical problem. I want to share my story with other parents so that they are not ten, eleven years down the road and if they are experiencing some of the same problems/symptoms with their child, they can have their child evaluated sooner than later.

The red flag for our family was the bedwetting because when it started he was younger, and I was not too worried, but the bedwetting continued through the years and became more frequent as he got older. It was a horrible, not to mention, embarrassing experience for both him and I because as a parent, you know something is not right and as a child you don’t understand what is going on, yet it is out of your control. I took my son to his yearly check-ups and discussed the bedwetting with his pediatrician and I was given handouts and told that he would grow out of it and there was no need for concern. But then the question was “when”? When would he grow out of it? And to know what I know now, he would have continued on this road for years had we not gone to see Dr. Mike Musso (“Dr. Mike”) and Dr. Mark Musso (“Dr. Mark”) of Musso Family Dentistry (“Musso Dental”). I viewed a link via Good Morning Texas after a family member saw the doctors on television and recommended that I watch the link and contact Musso Dental for evaluation. I viewed the link and visited their website for more information prior to visiting their office in August 2016.

All I can say is “overload” because after visiting their website and my initial consultation with Musso Dental, I realized that my son was experiencing health problems that all in all were connected, and the bedwetting was just one of many symptoms to his sleep disordered breathing. Dr. Mike and Dr. Mark showed a great interest in my son and made us feel like family. They are genuine individuals with a support staff that is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable in the program they promote known as “Healthy Start.” Musso Dental also provided all the resources, referrals, etc. to get my son on a path to healthier, happier living.

Our journey started mid-August with evaluations and recommendations from Dr. Mike and Dr. Mark which included seeing an ENT specialist, Dr. Jeffrey West. My son’s airway was very obstruct, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, thus his snoring problem which also caused him to be a mouth breather. My son was also tongue-tied which is the non-medical term for ankyloglossia, a relatively common physical condition that limits the use of the tongue. This condition was overlooked by my son’s school assigned speech therapist that he was seeing between the ages of 5-7 years old, and other health professionals because this condition was never brought to my attention until we saw Dr. Mike, and my son was 10 years old at the time. Needless to say, September 1, 2016, my son had surgery which included the removal of his tonsils and adenoids, and a frenulectomy. Since then, my son has been seen by a myofunctional therapist, Collen Watson, at the offices of Musso Dental. Ms. Watson taught my son exercises that relate to tongue placement, breathing, speaking, chewing and swallowing. My son is also using the all-natural oral appliances provided by Musso Dental to promote proper growth of the oral cavity, the jaw and upper palate.

My story could go on and on because the information that is given to you and all that you learn is overwhelming, as every child’s situation is unique and different, I am very thankful for Dr. Mike and Dr. Mark who take the time to evaluate their patients/children and look beyond their dental needs. We are now eight months into the program with great success as my son no longer wets the bed, he is breathing and sleeping better, his grades have improved at school, and with the oral devices provided by Musso Family Dentistry he is working to improve the proper growth of the oral cavity. I have seen so many changes in my son since we started treatment, not to mention a better self-esteem, overall my son is a happy, healthier child!