Teaching Kids To Take Care Of Their Smiles

BEING A PARENT WITH small children can feel so hectic that there are probably days when it’s hard to find time to brush your own teeth, let alone theirs. That’s why we’re here to help you out with a few tips on how to help your kids develop great oral... Read more »

Straight Teeth: Not Just About Looks

  THE MOST OBVIOUS impact of orthodontic treatment is a straighter, more attractive smile. While it is true that we tend to perceive people with properly aligned teeth as happier and more successful, the benefits aren’t just superficial. Clearer Speech Dr. Mark Musso and Dr. Mike Musso help patients of... Read more »

Dentistry From the Heart

  Musso Family Dentistry is proud to partner with Dentistry from the Heart and offer a FREE DENTAL DAY ! One day only - February 15th from 8am - 4pm. We will be providing free cleaning, filling, extraction or sealants, depending on individual needs. You will not be required to provide identification or... Read more »

The Hidden Sugars In Our Food

WHEN WE THINK OF SUGARY FOOD, we usually picture things like candy, cake, pie, ice cream, and soda, but there is sugar hiding in many of the foods we buy at the grocery store — even foods we don’t think of as sweet! This is bad news for our oral health,... Read more »

Time’s Running Out On Insurance Benefits!

  ANOTHER YEAR IS COMING to a close, and that means another year of insurance benefits is about to expire. If you haven’t taken advantage of your dental insurance yet, that’s okay, but the year is almost over, so the time to use them is now. To help you prepare, we’ve... Read more »

Making Halloween Healthy For Your Teeth

HALLOWEEN IS ONE OF the most highly anticipated holidays of the year, and it’s almost here! This holiday sees kids, teens, and even adults consuming far more sugar than they would any other time, coming in second only to Easter. The problem with this is that sugar is the favorite food... Read more »

The Big Scoop On Tooth Sensitivity

  DO YOU GET a painful jolt through your teeth every time you try to enjoy a bite of ice cream or a sip of fresh coffee? If you do, then you’re familiar with the woes of tooth sensitivity, and you’re not alone. More than half of adults between the ages of 20... Read more »

Taking Your Time Will Help You Remove Something Stuck Between Your Teeth

Food, debris, and fibers can easily become stuck in your teeth from eating seeds, crunchy snacks, or tough foods like beef jerky. At the same time, if you have a bad habit of nibbling on pens, pencils or other foreign objects a piece could break off and become lodged between... Read more »

A Complete Denture Needs to Be Cleaned Regularly

Your new complete denture was designed by Dr. Mike A. Musso and the dental specialists at Musso Family Dentistry to replace the basic oral function of your missing teeth. Even though the removable dental appliance is composed of materials that will not suffer from cavities, it will still need daily... Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

Not all cosmetic dentistry procedures are crafted to simply improve the look of your smile. Some can vastly enhance its function as well. Are you familiar with cosmetic dentistry and the effect on your smile? The basics of cosmetic dentistry include the following: If you are simply looking to brighten... Read more »