With Dental Bridges, Your Incomplete Smile Doesn’t Have to Suffer Any Longer

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If you are missing any teeth, you are probably aware of the stigma attached to it. Oftentimes, missing teeth are associated with poor oral health and hygiene. But the truth is, even if a person has excellent oral health care habits, teeth can be knocked out or severely damaged via accidents or injuries. So don’t let an injury ruin your self-esteem. Our team at Musso Family Dentistry is committed to returning you to a healthy and happy smile once again. With dental bridges, your incomplete smile doesn’t have to suffer any longer. Some of the benefits of dental bridges include:

– When compared to your ability with missing teeth, your ability to eat food is vastly upgraded with dental bridges.

– If you have missing teeth, you could suffer from bite instability. Dental bridges can put your smile’s actions, stability, and alignment back in order.

– Healthy, natural teeth can shift and slide if the gaps left from missing teeth are left vacant.

– Dental bridges can help restore your jaw structure and distribute bite pressure evenly amongst your teeth.

– Your ability to speak is amended and enhanced with dental bridges. Your upper front teeth are often considered the most important for speech, and dental bridges do a fine job in recreating the ability if those teeth should ever be lost.

If you would like an oral examination to learn more about our various tooth replacement options at Musso Family Dentistry, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Musso, by calling us at 972-840-8477 and speaking with a member of our team. Our office is in Garland, Texas. We want to make your smile whole, so it can stay happy for many years to come!

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