The Need for Regular Exams

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Squeezing in a dentist’s appointment every six months shouldn’t be that much of a problem, right? Well, that’s the theory. But we all know it can be unreasonably hard to find time to visit Dr. Mike Musso on a regular basis. That’s when we start to wonder whether or not we need regular dental exams in the first place.

The truth is you do need those exams, and today we’re going to look at exactly why that is.


During the exam, you’ll have an x-ray taken of your teeth. This will help us spot cavities before they can be seen or felt, which is a great way to ensure that your teeth don’t end up with infections or advanced decay due to cavities.

Tartar removal

One thing you can’t do for your teeth at home is remove tartar. Tartar is hardened plaque that usually accumulates along the gum line. When this happens it can lead to gingivitis. The only way to remove tartar is through a process called scaling, which is only performed by dental professionals.

Oral cancer exam

Part of every regular dental appointment, an oral cancer exam is critical in detecting the first signs of any issues, especially if you’ve had oral health problems in the past or a family history of oral cancer.

Don’t put off your regular exam any longer. If you’re overdue, or want to see what else our practice can do for you, then call us today at 972-840-8477 to get more information.

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