513 W Centerville Rd, Garland, TX 75041


513 W Centerville Rd, Garland, TX 75041

At Musso Family Dentistry, we utilize the Healthy Start System™ and Vivos

System™,  an all-natural, non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical treatment option. 

What do these systems do?


Our proprietary advanced orthodontic/orthopedic HealthyStart™ appliance is BPA, Silicone / Latex Free and is FDA Cleared and American made. The HealthyStart™ treatment is safe, pain free, non-invasive and effective.



Statistics show over 40 Million Children can be affected by Sleep Disorders and 9 out of 10 Children are suffering from one or more symptoms of sleep-related breathing symptoms. HealthyStart™ and Vivos System evaluates and treats the underlying root causes associated with Sleep Disordered Breathing.



When children are young, their bodies are able to adjust and mold easily, particularly in their mouth and their bone structure. Crowded teeth may force the tongue forward against their teeth, narrowing their dental arch and constricting the airway.

Our dentists are proud to provide the Healthy Start System and Vivos in Garland, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Rockwall, Dallas, Lakewood, Rowlett, Richardson, Sachse, Wylie, Plano, Mesquite, and Highland Park, Texas.  We invite you to call us at 972-840-8477 for more information and schedule your child’s consultation with Dr. Mike and Dr. Mark Musso.



Is your child a candidate for Healthy Start or Vivos?

There are many things about your child’s health that are important to know, but that we often don’t get to see while they’re at our office. There are signs to look for that you may not have known were connected to your child’s teeth or health. By looking for and tracking these “signs and symptoms,” we can have a complete picture of your child’s overall health.  Find our assessment HERE.
You don’t have to spend a lot of time with this assessment tool; just observe their behavior at different times during the day. You want to see their most natural behaviors, so try not to let your child know that you are watching.
Check off what you see. If you’re not sure, check it anyway. Make comments if you’d like!



Trust a system that really works- Listen to some real life testimonials.

Meet Ava and hear her parents testimonial of how Healthy Start has changed their life.             See Mathews home videos of how he was sleeping by CLICK ING HERE .

Conventional Treatment Options

Before now, treatment options have been limited and ineffective, mainly because they address symptoms rather than the potential root cause.

Prescription drugs, surgery, clinical therapy, academic tutors, sleep aids, and years in metal braces have been the most commonly prescribed “solutions.” Yet none of these conventional treatments can promote or develop a child’s airway and help them get the oxygen and sleep they need to thrive.

A Better Way to Help Your Child

“My son Justin suffered from several conditions that no one had answers for. He couldn’t sleep, behaved badly, had difficulty at school, and so much more. Perfect Start has given him a completely new lease on life. He sleeps soundly. He’s off his medications. He’s doing much better in school – academically and socially. I now have 4 of my 5 kids in Perfect Start and it has totally changed our lives. I can’t thank you enough!” – Sheri O.

We encourage you to contact Musso Family Dentistry today at 972-840-8477 for more information about the Healthy Start System,  or the Vivos System and to schedule an appointment for your child with one of our caring dentists.


Research – The science and studies behind the device.

Check out some exciting videos about the research behind why we and our children so desperately need sleep:


 The Effect of Breathing Exercises on the Nocturnal Enuresis in the Children with the Sleep-Disordered Breathing.

Learn more about how the nocturnal enuresis is one of the most common complaints of childhood. Upper airway obstruction and nocturnal snoring affect the nocturnal enuresis in children… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.


Changes of pharyngeal airway size and hyoid bone

Read the article about how the changes of pharyngeal airway size and hyoid bone position following orthodontic treatment of Class I bimaxillary protrusion… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.



Listen to one Mom explain more about the Healthy Start System Or Vivos System