Different Options for Sedation

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Sedation dentistry can provide you with the answer to many of your dental problems, especially if you don’t like visiting the dentist for many reasons. Whether you have gag reflex, suffer from dental anxiety, or have to cope with very sensitive teeth, sedation dentistry might be the best option for you.

Fortunately, there are many types of sedation, meaning there are many answers for a variety of patients. To help you decide which type of sedation is best for you, we’re happy to discuss three of the most common:

  • Maybe the most common form of sedation is laughing gas. This particular type of sedation is inhaled through a special mask. Laughing gas will not usually put you to sleep, but you will be more relaxed and comfortable.
  • You could be given a pill to swallow the night before your visit and another to take an hour or so before your appointment. Your dentist may adjust the number of pills and the dosage. With this type of sedation, you may fall asleep, though you can usually be woken up with a light shake.
  • IV sedation is a drug that is administered directly through a vein. This allows the medication to work very quickly, and it allows your dentist to adjust the level of sedation when necessary. Generally, you will remain awake, though you will probably be less aware during the procedure. This method of sedation does require some recovery time, so you should consider bringing someone with you.

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